Hepatitis Care

The treatment of viral illnesses is provided through our Texas Viral Institute (TVI). TVI offer a multidisciplinary and comprehensive treatment model for patients with viral hepatitis conditions that combines the expertise and resources of integrated primary care clinicians with liver disease specialists. This synergistic treatment approach integrates primary care, behavioral health, liver care and clinical research to provides the patients the most contemporary, leading, and holistic care to improve their health outcome and quality of life.

Our program includes the following services:

  • Consultations for newly and previously diagnosed patients
  • Evaluation to determine if treatment is appropriate
  • Treatment and monitoring care during treatment of chronic viral diseases
  • Annual Physical exam
  • Counseling, psychological and social services support
  • Nutritional assessment and registered dietician access
  • Oral Health
  • Access to cutting edge therapies in clinical trials (when available)


Texas Viral Institute Services are only offered at the San Antonio Northwest Campus


A referral is required to be seen by our Texas Viral Institute clinicians